We're working smart on this record. Recently we collaborated with saxophonist, Avys Burroughs, on one of the softer songs on our project called "Mint Mouth". Still so thankful, just to be able to be recording, and with friends and talented musicians. This experience continues to be tremendously surreal - a positive, creative, mental and emotional challenge for me. There have been ups, downs, and a lot of moments where I just marvel at what's going on. I am reminded that this is a blessing. We are so fortunate, and I am grateful. 

We're praying while we work. I'm trying to be patient and conscious about the process, and what comes after. We're young, with soul and vision,  still learning to manage our lives and navigate in the world.  No one told me things were going to be the way they are. We just aim to continue, and we hope we'll come out on the other side of our visions with a product, performance, and a story we're proud of.  Being able to share the finished product with you would be icing on top of our cake.

I hope you're doing well where you are, and that something in this big world is inspiring you. In the words of Bob Dylan, may you "see the light surrounding you".

May we all work hard, and play even harder.



Our first fest! Thankful to have performed at the 2016 A-Town Get Down Festival in Savannah, GA. 

Saturday, Feb. 27, 2016  |  Photos by Malcolm "X" Lewis.